What’s the Difference Between a Decorator & a Designer?

Interior Decorator

Plans and executes the designing of furnishings, accessories and decoration of an architectural interior after the space has been created.

Interior Designer

Plans the elements for the Interior and Exterior of the space. Provides build to cad drawings. Selects the products to be used, and implements their execution.

Interior Concepts is a design house which specializes in residential designs. As interior designers in Orem, Utah, we work in conjunction with your contractor as well as sub-contractors. This allows interaction of the following: cabinets, mouldings (base, case, crown), lighting, electrical, tile, carpet, counter-tops, paint, plumbing, appliances, fireplaces, hardware, and all exterior components.

Interior Concepts goes the extra mile in selecting all products that will be used in the building process. After all the interior spaces are created, we then make selections to fill those spaces and beautify them with furnishings, art pieces, window coverings and draperies, and any other elements needed to complete the ambience of your home.